In order to satisfy the security concerns of banking regulators regarding the utilization of wireless broadband networks outside of banks to transmit confidential bank customer financial information, Enterprise Network Services has developed and secured multiple patents on the ERF Wireless CryptoVue® Network Security Appliance. This unique and proprietary encryption device consists of hardware, software, an integrated security protocol and 24/7 monitoring that gives it a distinct advantage in the marketplace. ERF Wireless does not know of any comparable type of monitored security device being utilized in enterprise-class financial networks that has passed the rigorous scrutiny of the federal regulators.

CryptoVue Patented Proprietary Technology

A Unique Network Security System

• Proprietary patented wireless transmission security system developed by ERF Wireless

• CryptoVue router employs security controls

• Designed over three years in conjunction with regulatory review

• In full production

• Subjected to regulatory examinations, vulnerability assessment tests and IT audits by the federal government

• Pass-phrase authentication controlled by IT department

• Secret biometric Crypto Keys controlled by financial institution security officer

• AES-encrypted LAN through WAN tunneling technology

• ERF Wireless 24/7 monitoring required by federal authorities as a part of the control process


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