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ERF Wireless to spend millions to upgrade Eagle Ford, other Texas networks

Houston Business Journal – October 25, 2013

ERF Wireless, a provider of wireless broadband services to the oil and gas industry, will spend “several million” dollars to upgrade its Texas networks…More


ERF Wireless is Bringing Power to the People,
Even in the Country

TMCnet – June 12, 2013

As Americans start to think about moving away from cities to more rural areas, they naturally want to take the convenience of wireless communications with them…More

Digital Oilfield: The Future of Telecommunications
for Oil and Gas

Energy Digital – March 12, 2013

One company boldly goes where no service provider has gone before, providing the most remotely located rigs with high-speed wireless and broadband…More


ERF helps keep communication up for oil and gas industry

The Dickinson Press – December 16, 2012

More and more energy companies stationed in the Bakken seem to have a cloud following them around lately…More


ERF Wireless: Serving the oil and gas vertical
with rural wireless

RCRWireless – December 13, 2012

Cloud computing has worked its way into even the most down-to-earth of industries – oil and gas exploration and production – and driven the need for wireless access in remote drilling landscapes…More


How shale saved ERF Wireless

Houston Business Journal – October 11, 2012
It seems there’s no shortage of businesses in the oil and gas industry that have been revived through the boom times of hydraulic fracturing and prolific shale formations…More


Discovering Broadband Gold in the Oil Patch

Micro-Cap Review – Quarter 2 2012, Page 82

ERF Wireless Inc. is a fully reporting public corporation, founded in 2004 and headquartered in League City, Texas. The primary objective of ERF Wireless is the generation of profitable recurring revenue from a base of highly-satisfied wireless broadband customers in North America...More


ZCorum and XCast Labs Solve e911 Challenge for ERF Wireless

Virtual-Strategy Magazine – June 26, 2012

ZCorum and XCast Labs, through a joint development effort, have successfully implemented a specialized e911 system for ERF Wireless that uses GPS coordinates to dispatch emergency personnel to a specific geographic location...More


Rural Turns to White Space

Wireless Week – January 16, 2012

ERF Wireless CEO Dean Cubley says white space technology could eventually allow the company to serve customers it couldn't otherwise reach because of economics, but the technology isn't anywhere near the maturity it needs to be at for wide-scale deployment...More

Energy Industry Boom Fuels Growth at ERF Wireless

JSI Capital Advisors – October 31, 2011

As a wireless communications company boasting a 212% YoY growth in revenue, ERF Wireless stands out as a success story in today's difficult and competitive market…More


ERF Wireless Serving the Broadband Needs of Rural Businesses and Individuals – October 3, 2011

Infrastructure modernization, energy independence, filling in the broadband gaps and job creation are dominating front page and online headlines around the U.S. It is for these multiple reasons that ERF Wireless in League City, Texas may be the best increasingly large broadband wireless Internet service provider (WISP) you need to hear of… More


Bad news on oil prices is good news for one rural network operator

Connected Planet– March 17, 2011

Oil prices have risen again. But although viewed as an ill wind by most of us, one company that has benefitted from news such as this is ERF Wireless… More


Real Benefits Spur Rural Investments Advanced Networks Are Drawing Business

ScreenPlays – February 2011

Wireless Nomads (page 30) In some rural verticals, wireless is the only option. One example is the oil and gas industry, which Texas-based ERF Wireless targets with trailer-mounted base stations that literally follow drill rigs… More


ERF Wireless: Oil Price Increases Pump Up Business

No Jitter – January 6, 2011

Texas is a BIG state. When I recently spoke with Dean Cubley, CEO of ERF Wireless… More


Digital networks offer lifecycle approach for reservoir communications systems

E&P – November 2010

From the moment the first drilling data are generated to the time the well is eventually shut in, terabytes of data will have flowed in from the field, and hopefully millions of dollars worth of production… More


The last mile

Oilweek– November 2010

Drilling software requirements and rig crews push bandwidth requirements at even the remotest wellsites… More


Texas Firms Hit Fast 500 List

Texas Tech Pulse – October 20, 2010

A number of Texas technology firms have been ranked in the annual, Deloitte Fast 500 list of fastest growing technology companies… More


For ERF Wireless, rural broadband works through diverse customers, business models

Fierce Broadband Wireless – September 15, 2010

With the $7.2 billion broadband stimulus funding process still in its infancy, there isn't a whole lot of news about rural companies making a go of a wireless broadband strategy in sparsely populated areas. But ERF Wireless has found a way to make the business case work by using… More


The State Of Broadband

InformationWeek – July 10, 2010

Only by keeping pace with the latest in regulations, competition, and technology will companies rise above low-capacity, high-priced telecom networks… More


ERF Wireless Targets Enterprise Out on the Range

No Jitter – April 21, 2010

Deer and antelope are not the only things that roam out on the range… More


ERF Wireless – boom in wireless services

Digital Energy Journal - March 2010

ERF Wireless of League City, Texas, has been ranked the 113th fastest growing company in North America on Deloitte’s 2009 Technology Fast 500 list. Its business: supplying wireless communications to oilfields… More


FCC Report Validates Providers' Broadband Uptake Fears

PHONE+ Magazine – February 24, 2010

As the FCC prepares to release its national broadband plan recommendations to Congress, it turns out there are some Americans who don’t even want high-speed Internet… More


Broadband Stimulus – The Application Story - October 2009

As I spoke with a variety of hardware vendors at ITEXPO West in Los Angeles last month, I got a good sense of what that side of the communications world expects from the broadband stimulus plan…More


Microwave communications at Apache Corporation

Digital Energy Journal - September 29, 2009

Apache Corporation wanted faster data communications to support its drilling operations in Texas - and faster data transmission time (latency). So it chose a Mobile Broadband Trailer System from ERF Wireless… More


Real-time communications for remote rig sites

Woild Oil - September 2009 Issue

A new high-speed microwave network from the wellsite to corporate offices allowed Apache’s drilling team to increase the transmission speed of decision-making data... More


ERF Wireless Growing Rural Wireless Infrastructure

AGL Bulletin - September 08, 2009

With stimulus funds on the way to rural areas, you might think companies are waiting to deploy broadband to less-populated areas. ERF Wireless is proof positive that the rural wireless Internet service providers (WISP) are not letting any grass grow under their feet… More


Broadband Business: Venture Capital - Jittery Money - September 01, 2009

Venture capital’s (VC) historical enthusiasm for getting rich quick by backing innovative communications start-ups with exciting new technology has given way to pragmatism and caution…More


ERF Seeks $20M in Recovery Act Funds

Unstrung – July 10, 2009

ERF Wireless Inc. says it will ask the U.S. government for around $20 million in broadband stimulus money to build out three separate WiMax projects in rural America… More


ERF Seeks BB Funds

WirelessWeek – July 8, 2009

Add another one to the companies hoping to get a piece of the broadband stimulus package: ERF Wireless, which has been quietly building out fixed WiMAX in rural areas… More


Small Wireless Firms Get Set for Recovery Funds

Unstrung – July 7, 2009

Many of the larger wireless providers quizzed by Unstrung say they're "undecided" on whether to make a bid for the $7+ billion in broadband network loans and grants set aside as part of the Recovery Act… More


Wireless and the Stimulus Bill: A Tough Road?

WiMAX and Wi-Fi Will Need to Educate to Grab a Piece of the Stimulus Pie xchange – June 6, 2009

For WiMAX and Wi-Fi operators, the broadband stimulus money represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity… More


ERF Wireless’s vertical plan for rural broadband

Telephony Online – June 8, 2009

Wireless broadband vendor ERF expanding quickly by targeting verticals in rural America… More


Speed, Capacity Make the Case for Wireless Broadband

Communications Technology – May 28, 2009

Accelerating data rates from 1.5 Mbps to 45 Mbps in one leap and taking control of your own wireless broadband network is an appealing business model… More


Wireless Broadband Breathes New Life into Rural Medicine

Motorola Wireless Broadband – 2009

Wireless broadband technology is cost-effectively bringing big city capabilities to rural medical clinics around the globe… More


Schlumberger – Wireless and WiMAX communications in North American oilfields

Digital Energy Journal – February 24, 2009

Through an exclusive agreement with ERF Wireless, Schlumberger is offering 1.5Mbps wireless data communications for oilfields in North America. … More


Schlumberger to resell ERF Wireless WiMAX service

RCR Wireless – February 6, 2009

A major communication provider to the oil and gas industry plans to resell wireless broadband and WiMAX services to oil companies in North America.



A WISP Model That Actually Seems to Work

Urgent Communications – January 28, 2009

Not many companies can make a go of a wireless broadband strategy in sparsely populated areas… More


WiMAX Gets Down to Business

Xchange – November 19, 2008

WiMAX has been a player in the business market for some time now, but never really enjoyed the high-profile hype-machine treatment…More


ERF Wireless gets license for WiMAX

Fierce Broadband Wireless – November 3, 2008

ERF Wireless, a provider of enterprise wireless and broadband services… More


WiMAX Coverage for Oil and Gas Platforms in the Gulf of Mexico

Cellular-news – November 2, 2008

ERF Wireless - which focuses on services for the energy industry says… More


Got WISPs? ERF Wants WISPs

TelecomWeb – September 18, 2008

Texas-based ERF Wireless is pushing its shopping cart around the country… More


New twists on Wi-Fi

Network World – August 14, 2008

Extend your reach hundreds of feet or hundreds of miles.… More


ERF taps well of wireless oil business

The Telecom – August 11, 2008

ERF Wireless is well known as a wireless broadband products and services provider that has traditionally focused on wireless broadband, network integration, triple-play FTTH, IPTV and content delivery business to commercial outlets, many different kinds of businesses and residential use.

Now ERF sees what it believes to be a huge hole in a huge market, the Oil & Gas industry... More


Two Wi-Fi Rollups in Texas

ISP-Planet – July 1, 2008

It pays to learn about the companies that are buying other ISPs — before they call you.…More


Encrypted wireless service targets financial institutions

Network World – February 8, 2008

In rural parts of the nation, a wireless broadband provider builds a niche in banking… More


Banking on WISP Acquisitions

Wi-Fi Planet – January 2, 2008

The U.S. real estate boom may be busting but mom-and-pop WISPs are suddenly a hot commodity on the mergers and acquisitions market. Aggressive public companies with an eye to the main chance are binge buying... More


Everything’s Bigger in Texas for ERF Wireless

MN1 – July 31, 2007

Shares of Erf Wireless Inc (OTCBB:ERFW) jumped up in mid-day trading after announcing the opening of its first US-BankNet in Texas...More


Wireless Banking – Banks are ponying up for wireless services that make customers’ lives – and their own – more flexible and convenient

Cable360.Net – July 12, 2007

ERF Wireless technology is accomplishing something almost as important as making the trains run on time. Banks are using ERF Wireless to improve their inter-office communications and – hold onton your deposit slips, folks – extend their hours... More


ERF banks on growth in financial services arena

Houston Business Journal - July 6, 2007

On the morning after Hurricane Rita made landfall in September 2005, Jim Fazende woke up to a communications nightmare. Rita's storm surge and winds knocked out power to the head office of First Federal Bank of Louisiana and several of its 13 branches for about two weeks, affecting some 20,000 customers. Branches further north had to operate without computers... More


ERF Wireless, Inc. (ERFW)

The Wall Street Transcript - April 23, 2007

Dr. Cubley: The company was founded in 2004, with the expressed purpose of taking advantage of some of the opportunities that we saw developing in the wireless broadband space. We believed that wireless broadband had finally matured to the point where it presented significant opportunities... More


ERF Buys into Wireless Banking

Wi-Fi Planet  - February 27, 2007

In the eternal struggle between build-it and buy-it, Dr. H. Dean Cubley has gone off the deep end.  It's all about the buying, and it’s a strategy that seems to [be] working...more


WiFi service to blanket Bay Area

Houston Chronicle - February 22, 2007

A League City company is planning to launch wireless Internet service within the next two months that would eventually cover Galveston County and the Clear Lake area...More


Louisiana State Police Swaps Towers for Broadband Access

Mission Critical Communications - February 2007

Texas company is taking advantage of the synergies between public safety and the banking industry by rolling out a statewide wireless broadband network to serve both. ERF Wireless entered...more


Case Study: Broadband Reliability and Security

Motorola Canopy Library - October 30, 2006

ERF Wireless is using the Motorola Canopy platform and its CryptoVue Encryption System to help banks reduce costs, expand bandwidth capability and avoid downtime resulting from natural disasters...more


Beyond Wireless: Secure Multi-branch Banking System

Motorola Canopy Document Library - October 30, 2006

How wireless broadband enabled a multi-branch banking system interconnected its office with secure, upgraded financial transaction and data processing capacity...more


ERF Cuts Rural Swath with Wireless Broadband Service

Houston Business Journal - June 30, 2006

A League City company has begun offering wireless broadband Internet service across a more than 2,000 square-mile coverage area between Houston and Austin…more


Taylor company lends a hand in Louisiana

Taylor Daily Press - October 14, 2005

ERF Enterprise Network Services, which provides telecommunications services to banks, offers local Internet service and is the technical partner for the TaylorCNET community network, deployed technicians to Louisiana to repair damage from hurricanes Katrina and Rita…more











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