Healthcare Networks

Wireless broadband technology, as provided by the ENS Division of ERF Wireless, is cost-effectively bringing big city capabilities to medical clinics in many rural areas where ERF Wireless owns and operates wireless broadband networks. Having this new wireless broadband capability not only ensures their survival, but also their long-term potential for growth. Like their urban counter parts, rural medical practices are increasingly leveraging advanced broadband solutions to improve communications, offer better patient care, and monitor and streamline administrative processes.

Some of the benefits of the reliable high-speed broadband technology supplied by ENS include:

· Asset Management and Tracking that manages assets to minimize costs

· Remote Patient Monitoring that monitors patients, not paperwork

· Mobile Physician Rounding Solutions – high-touch care with high-tech solutions

· Medication Administration Solutions that reduce mistakes and increase safety

· Blood Transfusion Verification Solutions that safely sync blood supply and demand

· Specimen Collection Solutions that improve accuracy and speed diagnosis

· Hospital/Nurse Communications Solutions that maximize nurse and physician productivity with WLAN and VOIP solutions

Wireless broadband solutions, as provided by ENS, also allow healthcare providers to eliminate geographic barriers to qualify care and maximize their investments in Healthcare Information Technology. In today’s digital health communities medical images, clinical data and operation information can now be cost-effectively accessed, moved and managed through the wireless broadband connectivity provided by ENS.

A custom designed and built private network through ENS will enable healthcare institutions to:

· Reduce operations costs and improve efficiency with the reduction of existing data circuit/bandwidth costs

· Connect hospitals, clinics, imaging centers, physicians and laboratories via wireless links

· Initiate video teleconferencing that enables long-distance collaboration between specialists and delivers telemedicine services to patients

· Enable system-wide broadband network coverage for instant access to information and communications

· Support electronic and remote video monitoring for cost-efficient presence management strategies

· Enables high-speed data capabilities that comply with increasingly stringent data protection and patient privacy regulations, while providing fast access to health records

· Utilize 24/7 network monitoring and maintenance programs provided by ERF Enterprise Network Services

· Achieve complete network security using ERF Enterprise Network Services’ patented CryptoVue® technology that allows wireless networks to securely transmit private financial information in full compliance with all Federal regulations



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