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A view from our transmission tower, the largest in
Galveston County, Texas

The 1,120-foot tall tower is situated just south of Houston and provides a direct line-of-sight path to a ground level footprint ninety miles in diameter that includes all the cities in three counties, with a total population base of more than 5 million people.

The view from 600 feet

The view from the top of the platform at 1100 feet

The flat top water tower is about 150’ tall

The “Ladder to Heaven”


MBT installed at West Texas at drilling site



A 100-foot MBT deployed near Perryton, Texas

Manufacturing and shipping ERF Wireless’ growing fleet Mobile Broadband Trailers (MBTs)

Erecting Martin Tower in West Texas - 2005

The ERFW team developing tower climbing skills.

Solar-powered wireless broadband site installed by ERF Wireless in the Kissimmee/St.Cloud network (near Disney World).


ERFW's Austin Miller and Darren Lafferty install new WiMax equipment at a transmit site in an eight-county Central Texas network.

Installation of dishes and orthogon radios on Commons Tower in Lake Charles, LA.

When Lines Go Down, Wireless is Still Operational

Satellite Failover for BranchNet

Mobile Trailer for Disaster Recovery

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