Energy Broadband

The Need for Better Connectivity to the Oilfield

Today, a convergence of new technologies and business applications is changing the landscape of the oil and gas industry. High-speed terrestrial wireless broadband networks owned or utilized by ERF Wireless, and employed by its subsidiary Energy Broadband, are enabling advanced wireless applications to revolutionize the way oil and companies do business, while simultaneously cutting operating expenses and increasing revenue in a highly-competitive market.

Finally, "the Digital Oilfield" is being realized and, with bandwidth no longer an issue, oil and gas companies and their suppliers are now in a position to deploy a variety of real-time applications. Information that was previously captured in dozens of time-delayed reports from multiple departments and in multiple geographies, and that took days or weeks to access and analyze, can now be quickly viewed and acted on at a remote office in real-time by using wireless broadband at the well site, enabling faster and more cost-effective decision making.

Why Energy Broadband?

Until recently, oil and gas companies have only had few options concerning communications between their operations centers and their drilling and production sites, forcing them to use expensive satellite circuits with high latency and limited bandwidth.

Today, the vast majority of the North American oil and gas industry can access high-speed, wireless broadband connectivity by utilizing networks supplied by Energy Broadband. This ERF Wireless subsidiary provides oil and gas drilling and production companies, as well as oilfield service companies, a variety of products and services that deliver real-time, low latency, cost-effective data and voice communications.

Working closely with our strategic partners, Energy Broadband is utilizing cutting-edge Digital Oilfield networks that combine exceptional value with reliability and security to replace high latency expensive satellite VPN circuitry. For less than the cost of “renting” expensive satellite circuits, oil and gas customers can now choose to use an ultra-high-speed wireless broadband network system that is reliable and accommodates real-time applications.

And, if the enterprise or oil and gas customer would prefer to own and operate their own wireless network, Energy Broadband can also provide that service. Every product and service solution that’s provided comes complete with full civil engineering, RF engineering and spectrum analysis, as well as testing and integration by experienced engineers, technical specialists and capable project managers.

One of the Largest Terrestrial Wireless Broadband Networks

These products and services take full advantage of the fact that ERF Wireless already owns and operates one of the largest terrestrial wireless broadband networks in North America that, in addition to its other networks, includes the company’s wireless bank networks which typically cover significant oil and gas production areas. This combination of wireless networks gives ERF Wireless the ability to cover a substantial percentage of the oil and gas production regions in Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas and Wyoming. Through strategic partnerships, ERF Wireless and Energy Broadband also have access to hundreds of communication towers and their associated wireless networks. This business strategy makes future expansion fast and affordable.

Advanced Security

To overcome any security concerns, ERF Wireless couples its proprietary CryptoVue® network security appliance with monitoring services at the company’s world-class Network Operations Center. CryptoVue®, our patented, encrypted wireless technology device, ensures that the enterprise’s data is safe and secure while meeting all regulatory compliance requirements.

Business Continuity

Energy Broadband has the ability to quickly relocate a company’s communications system from site to site, as well as recover from service disruptions caused by natural disasters. With high-speed wireless broadband and satellite fail-over facilities, your telecommunications network will be back in play long before that of your competitors.

Next Generation Products and Services for the Oil and Gas Industry

Energy Broadband recently added several new products and services that the division offers its oil and gas industry customers in remote locations throughout North America.

Wireless Intercom

One of the company’s newest services that is finding wide acceptance on remote drilling sites is a wireless intercom system. This system provides all on-site drilling personnel with local wireless telephone communications to their respective trailers and the rig floor.

VoIP Services

In addition to local voice capability, Energy Broadband provides voice services to the outside world via VoIP technology that now includes E911 service in many areas. In most of the remote areas where the company operates, cellular coverage is weak or non-existent and alternative VoIP services are in high demand.

GPS-Based e911 System

ERF Wireless has successfully implemented a specialized e911 system that uses GPS coordinates, associated with the VoIP telephones being provided to the drilling site, to locate the appropriate 911 call center and to dispatch emergency personnel who are suitably GPS-equipped to specific geographic locations.

VSAT Services

When a drilling rig moves to a new location that is not close enough to one of ERF Wireless’ fixed networks to utilize an MBT, Energy Broadband offers its customer VSAT service. This allows the customer to take advantage of the convenience and savings of a single-source provider for all their communications needs. When the drilling rig moves back within range of ERF Wireless’ fixed network, the customer goes back to the MBT for enhanced connectivity and bandwidth.

These supplemental products and services are examples of the company’s continuing effort to meet the ever-changing needs of the oil and gas sector.

Auxiliary Services

In addition to its proprietary broadband products and high-speed Internet connectivity, ERF Wireless also provides:

• Remote Network Monitoring

• Emergency Network Maintenance

• Tower Construction

• WiFi Hotspots (Public Access)

Staffed with experienced wireless professionals who have knowledge of the oil and gas industry as well as related technologies, Energy Broadband can deploy highly-skilled wireless support teams to anywhere in the world.

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