Network Operations

The services provides by the Network Operations Division are conducted from the state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC) corporate facility located at the ERF Wireless headquarters in League City, Texas. Not only does the NOC have the capability to quickly locate the source of a network problem in any ERF Wireless or customer network, it is also tasked with the responsibility of working with other organizations within ERF Wireless and dispatches ERF Wireless maintenance technicians or local area subcontractor technicians when maintenance or service requirements dictate.

The objective of the Network Operations Division is to detect network weaknesses or malfunctions before they become major problems and to alert either the Wireless Bundled Services technical staff, the Energy Broadband technical staff or the Enterprise Network Services staff, depending on whether it is a Wireless Bundled Services, Energy Broadband or Enterprise Network Services network. The Network Operations Division also serves as a focal point of communications as the respective network is repaired by the responsible field service engineers and technicians. Finally, once the network is repaired and fully functional, the Network Operations personnel complete the service process by notifying the appropriate ERF Wireless division or subsidiary that the network is fully repaired and operational and that it is being returned to full monitoring status.

The Network Operations Division is also responsible for generating periodic network status and usage reports for all of the networks it monitors. These reports are available to ERF Wireless management as well as to bank network and other third party customers.

In addition to its support function of all ERF Wireless divisions and subsidiary networks, the Network Operations Center maintains all of the ERF Wireless internal IT infrastructure and is a profit center for company. It provides maintenance and monitoring services for a variety of commercial enterprise customers that are acquired through the sales efforts of the company’s other divisions.

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